Immunology Quiz 1

Immunology Quiz 1

Important Immunology Questions And Answers. They Are Important For All General Science And Competitions Exam. Immunology Quiz 1

1. Innate Immunity Is?


2. What Is Innate Immunity?


3. Innate Immunity Present In Body?


4. Innate Immunity Is Specific (True or False)?


5. Innate Immunity Has No Memory (True Or False)?


6. The Components Of Innate Immune System Is?


7. Which Are Not Components Of Immune System?


8. Physical Barrier Is?


9. Which Are Not Physical Barriers?


10. Very Effective Mechanical Barrier Is?


11. The Skin Have Contains High Concentration Of?


12. Mucous Membranes Provide Is?


13. Tears Contain Is?


14. Respiratory System Is?


15. Respiratory System Contain Is?


16. Gastrointestinal Tract Is?


17. Acidic Gastric Juice Kill Microorganism ( True Or False )?


18. Genitourinary Tract Is?


19. Urine Kill Some Bacteria (True Or False)?


20. Chemical Mediators Are?


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