Fun Facts About Snakes

Fun Facts About Snakes

Snake Fun Facts

Snake Is One Of Those Chosen Living Beings Present On This Earth Exists Here From The Dinosaur Period. In Such A Long Time, We Have Learned Many Things About The Snake. But Still, The Snake World Still Looks Mysterious To Us. Snake Is A Word That After Hearing Many People Are Scared. But Only Human Is Not Afraid Of Snakes, Snakes Are Equally Afraid Of Humans. Snakes Only Bite People For Their Safety. Let’s Know Today That Some Interesting, Some Fun And Amazing Stuff Associated With The Snakes

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1. The Existence Of Snakes On This Earth Is 130 Million Years, That Is, From The Time Of Dinosaur.


2. About 20 Percent Of These Species Are Poisonous, More Than 2500 Species Of Snakes Are Present In The World.


3. Most Of The Snakes Occur In The Age Of 15 To 20 Years, But Some Species Of Snakes Are Such That Could Remain Alive For 50 Years.


4. By The Way, Snakes Are Found Almost Everywhere, But There Are Some Places On This Earth Where There Is No Snake House. Snakes Are Not Found In Antarctica And Some Continent Such As Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand.


5. There Are More Than 300 Species Of Snakes In India, 50 Of Them Are Poisonous.

6. Every Year 100,000 People Die By Snakes.


7. Every Year In India About 2.50 Lakh People Are Prone To Snake Bites, Of Which About 50000 People Die, Whereas The Official Figure Is Only 20 Thousand.


8. More Than 30,000 Gartner Snakes Are Gathered Every Year In The Manitoba Province Of Canada, Gathering For Intercourse After Cold Winter. This Is The Largest Mass Sex Series On The Planet.


9. Mostly The Snake Escapes After Cutting A War Or Tries To Escape. But Black Mamba Found In Africa, Which Is Considered To Be One Of The World’s Poisonous Snake, Constantly Takes 12 Times In One Go.


10. The Longest Snake Is “Python Reticulatus” Which Can Be Up To 30 Feet Long.

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11. Death Adder Is The World’s Fastest Attacking Snake. This Snake Comes In The Moment Of Attack By Attacking It Back And Forth Again. All This Is Found In Most Of Australia, Indonesia, And Its Nearby Islands.


12. Snakes Do Not Chew Anything, But They Swallow Directly. Snakes Also Eat Frogs, Lizards, Birds, Thieves And Even Small Snakes From Them. The Python Of Africa Also Swallows The Small Cow. As Indicated By National Geographic, Snakes Can Swallow 70 To 100 Percent Of The Greatest Prey In One Go. Snake Can Open Its Mouth Up To 150 °.


13. Carlae Leptotyphlops Is The Smallest Snake In The World. This Snake Is About 4 Inches Tall. This Snake Was First Found In Caribbean Island Of Barbados.


14. Reticulatus Pythons, Found In Southeast Asia, Is The World’s Largest Snake. The Length Of This Snake Is Up To 30 Feet.


15. The Snake Absorbs The Lower Part Of Its Jaw From The Ground To The Ground And The Slightest Stir, Which Has The Ability To Give Information About A Devastating Storm Like Earthquake And Tsunami.


16. There Are 5 Species Of Snakes That Can Fly In The Air. It Means A Jump From One Tree To Another Tree, 300 To 400 Feet Away.


17. Snakes Living In Water Can Also Breathe Some Quantity Of Their Skin So That They Can Remain In The Water For Long Periods Of Time. The Snakes Don’t Need Too Much Water. Only From Its Prey, It Receives Water. Many Snakes Can Stay Hungry For Quite A While. Like King Cobra Can Live Months Without Food.


18. King Cobra Is The Longest Snake In The Poisonous Snake, And Usually, Its Length Is Up To 18 Feet. Their Poison Is So Dangerous That Only 7 Minutes Lee Quantity Can Kill 20 Men Or 1 Elephant.

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19. Snakes Can Vomit With Their Own Will. He Does This When He Feels Any Danger. By Vomiting, They Lose Weight And Become Even More Agile.


20. There Are No Eyelids On The Eyes Of The Snake. In Place Of Eyelids, A Thin And Transparent Membrane Protects The Eyes Of The Snake, So He Sleeps With Open Eyes.

21. Snake Do Not Snuff With Their Nose But With Their Tongue. The Snake With Its Tongue Identifies The Surrounding Environment.


22. Snake Do Not Have Ears, So They Can Not Hear Anything. The Snake Feels The Vibration Taking Place On The Ground By Planting The Bottom Part Of His Jaw.


23. Snake Die Even By Cutting Themselves. Because The Poison Of Snake Is Not In Their Body But In Their Teeth. And It Has Happened So Often. That Was First Discovered In 1879 By Frederick Mccoy.


24. Snake Are Found In Every Corner Of The World, However, Snake Do Not Like Cold, So Snakes Rarely Appear In The Winter Season.


25. Snake Never Drink Something, Although They Are Forced To Be Forced To Be Hungry At Certain Times.


26. By The Way, I Told You That Snake Is Not Some Drink. But If Any Milk Is Kept Before A Hungry Snake, Then He Drinks It. But This Causes Trouble To Snakes As Snake Do Not Digest Milk. Fun Facts About Snakes Parts 2