Drosophila Life Cycle

Drosophila Life Cycle

Drosophila Life Cycle


  • Drosophila Means Drosophila Is From Melanogaster
  • It Is Called Fruit Fly Banana Fly Or Vinegar Fly-In Simple Language.


  • It Is 2-3 Mm Long
  • Female Is Larger Than Male
  • The Wild Type Of This Fly Is The Gray Body And Dull Red Eyes Are Simply Capulation In Male And Female Within 24 Hrs Of Its Exit From The Pupa Of Adult Fly.
  • But Female Egg Starts Laying 24 Hours After It Comes Out Of The Pupa

Life Cycle of Drosophila

Drosophila Life Cycle
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Its Life Cycle Is Completed Through Four Stages.

  1. Spermatogenesis of Drosophila

  • The Development Of Sperm In Male Flys Is Called Spermatogenesis.
  • Every Male Fly Has Two Testis Whose Mitotic Division Of Cells Leads To The Development Of Spermatogonial Cells.
  • When Meiosis Starts In Any Spermatogonial Cells, This Cell Is Called Primary Spermato Cycle.
  • Meiosis Division Of Each Primary Spermatocycle Leads To The Development Of Four Haploid Cells Called Spermatid.
  • Difference Or Maturation Of Spermatids Results In The Formation Of Sperm.
  • Any Higher Animals Ex. This Method Of Spermatogenesis In Human Rat Frog Etc
  1. Oogenesis of Drosophila

  • Every Adult Female Has Two Ovaries
  • There Are Many Ovariodes In Every Ovary.
  • These Ovariodes Are Associated With The Oviduct
  • There Is One Diploid Oogonial Cell At The Tip Of Every Ovariode.
  • Four Mitotic Division Of Oogonial Cell Leads To The Formation Of 14 Diploid Cells.
  • Meiosis Starts In One Of These Cells, This Cell Is Called Primary Oocyte.
  • 15 Cells Perform The Function Of Nurse Cells.
  • There Is Growth In The Size Of Primary Oocyte And It Passes Through Ovariode And Reaches Oviduct And Last In The Uterus.
  • When The Oocyte Reaches The Uterus, It Is In The First Metaphase Of Meiosis.
  • The Origin Of Eggs In Female Flys Is Called Oogenesis.
  • This Method Is Complete After Fertilization Of Eggs
  1. Fertilization of Drosophila

  • Capulation Occurs In Male Or Female Fly Within 24 Hours Of Their Release From Pupa.
  • During Capulation, The Male Releases His Sperm Into The Female’s Virginia.
  • These Sperm Reach The Female Sperm Storage Organ By Walking Through Vigina.
  • From Here They Come Out One-By-One And Fertilize The Egg As Needed When The Oocyte Enters The Uterus.
  • Fusion From Sperm Eggs Is Called Fertilization.
  • Division Of Oocyte Progresses From The First Metaphase Of Meiosis After Fertilization.
  • In Every Oocyte, Two Diploid Oocyte Nuclei Develop From First Division Of Meiosis And Four Haploid Nucleus Are Formed From Diploid Division Of Meiosis.
  • Three Of This Four Haploid Nucleus Undergoes Degeneration.
  • And The Remaining One Serves The Nucleus Egg Nucleus
  • Thus There Is Only One Mature Egg Formation Of From Each Primary Oocyte.
  • During This Time Sperm Is Present In The Oocyte, After Formation Of Egg Nucleus, Fusion Of Sperm And Egg Nucleus Takes Place.
  • The Formation Of A Diploid Nucleus Called Zygote.
  1. Development of Drosophila

  • Very Often There Is The Mitotic Division Of Zygote Due To Which Embryo Develops.
  • Dimb Or Larva Comes Out Of The Egg 24 Hours After Fertilization
  • There Is Growth In Larva And After Four Days After Leaving Egg It Changes Into A Pupa.
  • Moulting Occurs Twice In The First Larva Of Pupa Formation
  • In The Act Of Moulting, Larva Increases Her Old Old Skin Out
  • During The Pupa Phase, There Is Degradation Of Larval Organs And Development Of Adult Fly Organs.
  • Pupa Complete Development Of Adult Male Or Female Flys After Four Days.
  • This Description Is For Optimum Conditions At 20oc
  • In These Conditions, The Life Cycle Of Drosophila Is Completed In Only 10 Days.


  • It Has Explained The Development Of Drosophila
  • About The Various Stages That Occur In The Development Stages Of Drosophila

Such As: –

  • Spermatogenesis
  • Oogenesis
  • Fertilization
  • Development

Through This Process, Drosophila Completes Its Development

This Also Completes His Life Cycle. Drosophila is used in Mutation’s experiment.