Bacteria Facts

Bacteria Facts

Bacteria Fun Facts

Bacteria, Discovered In The 17th Century. Think Of Them As Such That The Majority Of Diseases In The Body Like Cholera, Tuberculosis, Fever, Pneumonia, Plague Etc. Our Immune System Constantly Fights With Bacteria. From Soil To Water, From The Toilet Seat To Mobile, They Are Found Everywhere On Earth. Instead Of Any Other Living Thing, Most Of Our Life Will Pass Along The Bacteria. Bacteria Are Small Unicellular Organisms. The Bacteria Are An Important Part Of The Entire Biosphere. Let’s Tell You Some Interesting And Fun Facts About Them-

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  1. What Are Bacteria ?: Bacteria Are Unicellular Organisms, But We Can Not See Them Without A Microscope. But There Are Two Such Bacteria That Can Be Seen From The Naked Eye.


2. Bacteria Are Considered To Be The First Living Creature Of The Earth, It Has Been On Earth For The Last 3 Billion Years.


  1. The Number Of Bacteria In Your Mouth Is More Than The Total Human On Earth.


  1. The Length Of A Bacteria Is 0.5 To 5 Micrometers. These Rounds, Ring Or Rods Can Be Of Any Size. (1 Meter Contains 10 Million Micrometers)


5. The Total Weight Of All The Bacteria Present In Our Body Is About One And A Half Kilos.


  1. The Smallest Eye In Nature Is Of Bacteria, But According To The Body Size Is The Largest.


  1. The Newly Born Children Do Not Have Any Bacteria In The Body.


  1. There Is No Smell Of Sweat. When It Is Found In The Bacteria, It Starts To Smell.


  1. Recently, Scientists Have Discovered Varieties Of New Types Of New Species Of 1458 In Our Navel.


  1. In A Clean Mouth, Every Single Tooth May Contain Bacteria From 1 Thousand To 1 Lakh.

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  1. On An Office Desk, There Are 400 Times More Bacteria Compared To A Toilet Sheet. And Your Mobile Also Has 18 Times More Bacteria Compared To The Toilet Sheet And 200 Times More On The Keyboard.


  1. The Number Of Bacteria In The Ears Increases Up To 700 Times After Listening To Songs By Wearing Headphones For One Hour.


13. To Clean The Water, If We Add Chlorine To It, Its Effect Remains For 6 Months. After This, The Bacteria Grow In Water.


  1. On A General Note, Millions Of Bacteria Of 3,000 Types Are Present.


  1. The Bacteria Called ‘Actinomycetes’ Are Responsible For The Aroma Of Raindrops.


  1. According To An Estimate, There Are Approximately 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bacteria On Earth. Five Million Trillion Trillion


  1. The Most Powerful Organism On Earth Is Bacteria Called Gonorrhea, Which Can Weigh More Than 1 Million Times More Than Its Weight. In Humans, It Causes Sex Disease. Unprotected Sex, Anal Or Oral Sex Can Infect Your Throat, Urinary Tract, Vagina, And Anus.


  1. About 1000 Types Of Bacteria Are Found In Our Skin And Stomach.


19. Benefits Of Bacteria Understand That If There Are No Bacteria, Then The Rugged Material Cannot Be Composted.


20. Every Year, Seven Crore Cases Of Food Poisoning Occur, I.E. 2 Cases Every Second.

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21. NASA Scientists Named Them A New Creature Named ‘Kalami’ After The Name Of Former President Of India And Space Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam. So Far This Bacterium Was Found Only In The International Space Station (ISS). It Was Not Found On Earth.


  1. Some Bacteria Are Also Beneficial For Us, As Milk Becomes Curd From One Bacteria. Whose Name Is Lactobacilli


  1. Not All Bacteria Are Harmful. Some Bacteria Are Very Beneficial For Us. The Digestive System Requires Some Bacteria.


  1. Many Types Of Parasitic Bacteria Cause Many Diseases, Such As Cholera, Mild Fever, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, And Plague Etc. Only About Two Million People Die Every Year From Tuberculosis.


  1. The Water Of The River Ganga Is Not Bad Because The Water In The Ganges Contains Bacteria Which Does Not Allow The Germs To Destroy The Water, Which Is Why It Is Not Bad.


  1. The Number Of Bacteria In The Places Where The Number Of Males Is High Is Also High.


  1. The Horseshoe Crab Is A Sea Species Of Crab Whose Blood Is Sold Up To 10 Thousand USD Because It Is The Simplest Thing To Detect Bacteria.


  1. Most Antibiotics Have Been Prepared Only By Bacteria.


  1. When Two People Kiss Each Other, Between 10 Million And 1 Billion Bacteria Transfers Between Them.


30. In 2013, A Bacterium Was Found In New Zealand On Which No Antibiotic That Has Been Created So Far Has Not Worked. Fun Facts About Snakes