Amazing Facts About Crocodiles

Amazing Facts About Crocodiles

Friends, Today We Will Learn About The Amazing  Facts About Crocodiles, Which You May Not Know. So Read This Post In Full: –

1. Crocodile Is A Carnivorous Animal.


2. The Average Age Of A Crocodile Is 50 To 70 Years.


3. Crocodiles Live Mostly In Water.


4. Do You Know That Crocodile Teeth Are Very Sharp But It Swallows Its Prey.


5. You Will Be Surprised To Know That Crocodile Can Swim In The Water At A Speed Of About 25 Miles Per Hour.


6. Did You Know That Crocodile, The Big Predator Animal, Gets Preyed On Itself? Yes 99% Of Crocodile Babies Fall Prey.


7. Scientists Believe That Crocodiles Evolved During Dinosaurs.


8. The Female Crocodile Lays Around 20 To 60 Eggs At A Time.


9. The Average Length Of A Crocodile Can Be About 5 To 7 Feet.


10. Do You Know That The Average Weight Of A Crocodile Is About 30 To 1000 Kg.


11. The Crocodile’s Eye Is Very Sharp, Which Can Be Seen Well Under Water Or At Night.


12. Crocodiles Can Live Without Eating Anything For A Long Time.


13. You Will Be Surprised To Know That Crocodile Has Very Fast Hearing Ability.


14. Crocodiles Like To Live In Fresh Water. But Some Live In Salt Water.


15. Crocodile Hunts Big Animals.


16. Do You Know That The Skin Of A Crocodile Is Crappy And Rough.


17. You Will Be Surprised To Know That The Sex Of Crocodile Is Not Determined Genetically.


18. Crocodiles Were Worshiped In Ancient Egypt.


19. In Ancient Egypt, Its Faeces Were Used As Medicine.


20. Crocodiles Also Hunt Humans.


21. You Will Be Surprised To Know That Crocodile Releases Its Body Heat Through The Mouth.


22. Crocodile Is A Reptile That Is Very Fast In Short Distances.


23. Do You Know That A Crocodile Is A Cold-Blooded Animal.


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