Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Today We Are Going To Know About Such An Animal Whose Speed Is Very Much Discussed. So Let’s Know About The Amazing Facts About Cheetah: –

1. Cheetah Is A Carnivorous Animal.


2. It Can Weigh From 50 To 60 Kg.


3. Cheetah Is Very Fast. Flowing Can Run At A Speed Of About 115 Kilometers Per Hour.


4. A Cheetah Cannot Roar Like A Lion He Meow Like A Cat.


5. Cheetah Hunts Its Food During The Day.


6. You Will Be Surprised To Know That The Cheetah Is Unable To Climb In The Tree.


7. Do You Know That The Cheetah Has Less Ability To See At Night.


8. Cheetah Has Less Water Requirement, He Drinks Water Once In About Three Days.


9. You Know That A Cheetah Is Very Fast But He Also Gets Tired Quickly.


10. The Cheetah Recognizes Its Prey From About 5 Kilometers In The Daytime.


11. The Cheetah Is One Of The Extinct Animals, It Was Earlier Found In Many Countries But Today It Is Found In Only A Few Countries.


12. You Will Be Surprised To Know That The Cheetah Can Jump Up To 23 Feet At The Time Of Speed.


13. The Female Cheetah Stays With The Male Cheetah Only During Sexual Intercourse The Rest Of The Time.


14. A Male Cheetah Lives In A Herd And He Lives With 5 To 6 Cheetahs.


15. Do You Know That A Male Cheetah Starts Intercourse From The Age Of 3 Years.


16. Cheetahs Are Able To Survive Till 5 To 10 Out Of 100 Adults As They Are Very Much Hunted.


17. In Today’s Time, Cheetah Population Is Around 7000 Thousand.


18. Do You Know That The Cheetah Is About 4 Feet In Length.


19. The Average Age Of A Cheetah Is About 10 To 15 Years.


20. If A Cheetah Hunts In A Herd, He Can Hunt The Largest Animal.


21. You Will Be Surprised To Know That Cheetahs Do Not Run Much After Their Prey.


22. A Female Cheetah Gives Birth To About 4 To 6 Babies At A Time.

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