Amazing Facts About Camel

Amazing Facts About Camel

Friends, Today We Will Know About The Amazing Facts About Camel, Which You Hardly Know Already, So Read This Post Well –

1. The Height Of The Camel Can Be From 6 To 7 Feet.


2. The Average Age Of A Camel Can Be From 45 To 50 Years.


3. You Will Be Surprised To Know That The Weight Of Camel Can Be From 300 To 1000 Kg.


4. Do You Know That A Camel Can Run At A Speed Of About 65 Kilometers Per Hour.


5. An Adult Camel Can Drink Up To 100 Liters Of Water At A Time.


6. Camel Is A Vegetarian Animal That Relies On Green Grass And Leaves.


7. Fat Is Found In The Hump Of A Camel, Which He Uses As A Food In Difficult Times.


8. Do You Know The Pregnancy Of A Camel Is From 9 To 14 Months.


9. There Can Be Up To 15 Million In The World.


10. You Will Be Surprised To Know That Camel Can Remain Without Drinking For 20 Days.


11. Humans Also Use Camels To Eat.


12. Camels Are Mostly Used To Ride It.


13. The Camel Body Is Made According To The Desert Environment.


14. Camel Is Also Called Desert Ship Because It Can Move Easily In Sand.


15. You Will Be Surprised To Know That A Camel Bites His Enemy Like A Dog.


16. Camels Are Reared As Pets.


17. Two Hump Camels Are Found Mostly In African Countries.


18. Mostly You Must Have Seen A Hump Camel.


19. A Camel Is A Peace Loving Animal. If Tampered With, It Becomes Aggressive.


20. Do You Know That A Camel’s Foot Is Formed By Walking On Sand.


21. Camel Has High Hearing Capacity.


22. You Will Be Surprised To Know That Camel Milk Is Very Nutrient And Also Expensive.


23. Camels Drink More And More Water When They Get Water.


24. You Will Be Surprised To Know That A Camel Can Close Its Nose To Avoid Dust.


25. Do You Know That The Amount Of Water In The Urine Of A Camel Is Very Small.


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