Amazing Facts About Bees

Amazing Facts About Bees

Friends, Today You Will Know About A Lot Of Amazing Facts About Bees, Which You Might Not Know Before Then Read It Completely.

1. Around 20 Thousand Bee Species Are Found In The World, Out Of Which Only 4 Make Honey.


2. Bee Sucks Around 4 Million Flowers To Make 1kg.


3. Bee Has Higher Smelling Ability Than Dog, In Which 170 Types Of Receptor Are Found.


4. Apart From Honey, Wax Is Also Obtained From Bee, It Is Obtained From Its Honeycomb.


5. It Survives For 45 Days Only.


6. Bee Honey Does Not Spoil For Many Years.


7. Bee’s Flying Capacity Is About 24 Km / H.


8. A Bee Can Revolve Around The World With The Power Of 28 Grams Of Honey.


9. You, Will, Be Surprised To Know That 1100 Stings Is Enough For A Person To Die.


10. Honey Has The Highest Amount Of Fructose Due To Which It Is Sweeter Than Suger.


11. Only One Queen Bee Lives In A Bee’s Hive.


12. Bee Has The Waggle Dance Language, Which Is Performed By Karl Von Frisch In 1973, For Which It Was Received, Noble.


13. Queen Bee Is Not Born, It Is Made, Which Is The Head Of Any One Hive.


14. Honey Is Already Digested So That It Is Digested In Our Body With A Stick.


15. Only Female Bee Can Make Honey.


16. Bee’s Hive Temperature Is Up To 33 Centigrade.


17. You Will Be Surprised To Know That The Sting Only Kills The Female Bee.


18. Male Bee Dies After Sex.


19. Bee Releases A Chemical Called Pheromone Into The Air, Causing It To Flock Together And Attract Male Bee.


20. Queen Bee Attains The Age Of 5 Years And Lays Eggs Alone.


21. A Bee Never Sleeps In Her Life.


22. A Bee Can Go Away From Its Hive For About 10 Kilometers In Search Of A Flower.


I Hope You Enjoy Amazing Facts About Bees Post. 

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